13 Mar

Spring Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks: Part 1

Spring is almost here and now is a great time to start planning some spring cleaning and maintenance.  Here are some tips and tricks from ReColor by Wipe New as you look towards those warmer days!

  • Clean the Gutters! This is an obvious item to begin with, but many people don’t necessary do it every Spring, or know why it’s important.  When water doesn’t properly pass through your gutters it runs down near the foundation of your home. Over time this can cause weakening of your foundation and cost you big bucks!  Leaking or clogged gutters can also lead towards water damage in your basement!
  • Check your Roof! If you live in an area that experienced a lot of winter weather you should check your roof for hail, ice, and water damage.  Curling, peeling and even disintegration of the shingles may have also occurred.  This may be a job you can do yourself or, depending on what you find, you may need to seek some professional help.  But don’t overlook this item come Spring.  You also don’t necessary need a ladder.  Many people start by using binoculars and a keen eye to spot possible problems.
  • Check your Concrete!  Check all of your concrete slabs for cracks or movement. Fill cracks with a concrete crack filler or silicone caulk.   If you find cracks in a concrete foundation, routine caulking will likely not do the job. You’ll want to hire a foundation specialist.  Remember that, generally speaking, all other exterior concrete slabs should drain away from the home’s foundation.
  • Clean the Carpets! Many households regularly vacuum their carpets (even during winter months), but after trekking in that wet and nasty snow and ice, Spring is the time for some deep cleaning.  The goal here is to eliminate deep-down dust, dirt, and food particle buildup. You can rent a carpet cleaner, buy one, or hire a professional carpet cleaner.
  • Check your Deck and Fences!  Do a good sweep to remove any debris that might have accumulated between boards on your deck or around you fence.  Use a screwdriver to probe your wooden decks or fences.  If the wood is soft and spongy, and it doesn’t splinter when you poke it with a screwdriver, you may have an issue with decay.  If your vinyl fences look beaten up, get out your ReColor by Wipe New!  ReColor works great on vinyl fences and can make them look new again!  Check out this fence treated with Recolor!


26 Feb

ReColor by Wipe New and DIY Tin Tile Backsplash

Creating a tin tile backsplash is a fairly easy and inexpensive project.  These tiles come in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes.  Most have reflective properties that can brighten your kitchen.  They are easy to clean and installing them is typically a quick process.

How to Install a Tin Tile Backsplash (from DIYnetwork.com)

Use ReColor by Wipe New to protect the shine after installing your tin tile backsplash.

Source: DIYnetwork.com

*NOTE:  Please read and follow all the directions for ReColor by Wipe New.  When applying Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New, wear the protective nitrile gloves and always use it in a well-ventilated area.

18 Feb

House Cleaning? Don’t Wait for Spring!

“Spring Cleaning” may be the time many people engage in some serious cleaning around the house, but early months in the new year is also a perfect time to tackle some jobs around the house.

Home Offices and Workspaces – Clear off your desk and separate items into piles (keep, finish, or throw away).  Now’s the time to get that clutter out of your workspace and out of your face.  Your office chair is also a vital component of your workspace. Make sure it’s in the best condition possible by rehabilitating its casters.  Give those metal and plastic items in your office new life by treating them with Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New.


Garages, Basements, Attics and Storage Rooms –  The end of one year into a new year often leads you to consider your storage areas.   You interact with them to store your seasonal decorations and, as those new presents come into your life, you consider what items you may longer need.  The new year is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter, do some organization, and preserve your cherished items.  Get some extra love and attention to those special items by restoring and protecting them with Wipe New ReColor before you put them away.

Automobiles – Whether you use your vehicle for work or for errands around town, it represents another living/working space for you. Remove trash, loose papers, kid’s toys or any other clutter that is not directly associated with driving. Then clean and deodorize the inside of the car.  Remember, depending on where you live, you may be living in this space with all the windows up for quite some time.  Treat and protect your car by treating its’ interior and exterior with products from our Wipe New automotive line.

06 Feb

Bring Back your Game with Rustoleum ReColor by Wipe New


Though Football season is just about over, it’s important to make sure that your equipment looks its best. You’re not going to intimidate that Peewee football player with a dull helmet, now are you?

Rustoleum ReColor by Wipe New restores the look, finish, and shine to items as well as protecting them from dirt and UV damage in the future.

Use ReColor to brighten up a faded helmet – you’ll blind them with just your presence on the field!

07 Jan

Watch the New Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New Commercial!

Wipe New Recolor


Rust-Oleum ReColor, brought to you by the Award Winning brand Wipe New, is a clear coating that restores original color and shine to multiple surfaces types INSTANTLY! The wipe-on application is easy to do and allows Rust-Oleum ReColor to go on where paint cannot!


Watch the full commercial below to learn more:

28 Dec

Savor the Holidays with ReColor by Wipe New


The winter holidays are behind us and it’s time to put away those Christmas ornaments and menorahs.  What better way to savor the holidays then treating your items with ReColor?  There’s never been a better way to protect and restore!  Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New restores original colors while adding new properties that protect the surfaces from UV and liquids to keep it looking new for years!

30 Nov

Clean, Protect, and Restore Your Vinyl Shutters

The season of spring is often associated with cleaning, but fall and early winter can also be a perfect time to do some of those outside cleaning projects.  Days filled with warm sun and cool air are great opportunities to clean, protect, and restore those vinyl shutters.

To clean your shutters follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush off all loose dirt and debris from your shutters. Remove this dry debris from the ground underneath the windows before you move unto the next steps to avoid a waterlogged mess.
  2. Use your garden hose to rinse the shutters thoroughly. This removes any remaining loose dirt the brush has failed to remove.
  3. Dip a mop into the bucket of 4 parts warm water and 1 part dish detergent. Rub the entire surface area of each shutter as thoroughly as possible. Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry. Use the hose to rinse the shutters clean at one window, before moving on to the next.
  4. Wipe the shutters clean with a microfiber mop. This eliminates any lingering marks.


Now that you’ve thoroughly cleaned your shutters restore and protect them with ReColor.  ReColor is a clear coating that restores original color and shine to multiple surfaces types instantly and it works perfect on shutters.  It’s easy to use and the shutters don’t have to be removed.  Simply remove the cloth from the ReColor package, dab some ReColor on and wipe over the target areas for a shiny new look!


25 Oct

ReColor and DIY Crafts: Fall Picture Frame and Outdoor Lantern Display

Autumn is here!  It’s time for crisp apples, bright orange pumpkins, mums of every color, and falling leaves.  Celebrate this fall by getting crafty with one (or both) of these DIY Fall projects from Midwest Living.

Fall Picture Frame

Filling an empty Fall-colored picture frame with some brightly colored fall leaves is a great way to decorate your fireplace mantel.

Hang leaves on S-hooks or pin to a ribbon. Put nails in both sides of the frame and suspend the ribbon loosely across the center, tying it to the nails. Attach your favorite fall leaves to the ribbon using an adhesive.  Add to the display by spreading a branch full of brightly colored berries across the length of the mantel.

Source:  Midwest Living


Autumn Lantern Glow

Sometimes simplicity is the best choice.  If you’re looking for a way to show some warmth this autumn simply place a lantern on your entryway and surround it with an arrangement of pumpkins.  Be sure to use a battery-powered candle if the lantern will be unattended.

Source:  Midwest Living

If your picture frame and/or lantern are looking a bit worn don’t fret.  Use Wipe New ReColor to restore that shine on your picture frame and to protect your lantern from the elements.   Learn more about Wipe New ReColor.


20 Oct

Wipe New ReColor and DIY Crafts: Pumpkin Flower Pots

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots ReColor Wipe New

Source: Frugal and Fun Mom

While most people think of falling leaves during autumn there are a number of plants that blossom during fall.   What better way to show off your flowers then with these pumpkin flower pots from Frugal and Fun Mom

They’re super-easy to create – check out Frugal and Fun Mom for the how-to! Jack O’Lantern Flower Pots Tutorial

After you’ve painted your scary faces on the pots, simply place in one of your favorite fall flowers.  Mums would be a great choice!  If you don’t want to use flowers, place a battery-operated candle inside the flower pot and let them light up those scary Halloween-season nights.

10 Oct

Get Ready for Halloween with ReColor by Wipe New

Halloween has increasingly become one of the most celebrated holidays.  It’s associated with the colors orange and black, skulls and skeletons, and – or course – jack-o’-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.  What’s not to enjoy?


The Halloween season is also a time for decorating front doors, patios, front yards, your school, and perhaps in your office.   As is the case with Christmas decorations, many people have Halloween decorations that they have saved from previous years.  When you reach for those items you may notice they’re looking ragged and dingy, but have no fear!   ReColor by Wipe New is a perfect way to spruce up your outdoor Halloween items and to bring back that shine.   Use ReColor to clean up your plastic pumpkin decorations, use it to restore and protect your metal lanterns or witch’s cauldrons, or use ReColor to bring life back to those skulls and skeletons.

Give all your outdoor decorations a new look with ReColor and watch the fun unfold this Halloween!