ReColor by Wipe New FAQs

Do I have to wear gloves when using ReColor by Wipe New?
We recommend wearing the included gloves when applying ReColor by Wipe New because once dry it can be difficult to remove from your skin, and may also be slightly irritating to some people.

What if I start applying and have to stop? Can I start again later? Will the results match?
Once you start applying ReColor by Wipe New to a surface, we recommend that you complete that entire surface before stopping (for example, if you start treating a table, finish the entire table before stopping). Stopping and starting again later on the same surface may, in some cases, lead to a visible difference in the final result due to variations in humidity, light, temperature, and other factors. If you must stop and start again later, try to stop at inconspicuous spot on the surface.

What if it rains after I apply ReColor by Wipe New?
ReColor by Wipe New must cure for 24 hours prior to being exposed to any type of moisture including rain, puddles, dew, sprinklers, mist, etc. If a treated surface gets wet prior to the end of the 24-hour curing period, spotting or streaking may occur.

What is the purpose of the applicator brush?
The sponge tip of the applicator brush will allow you to touch up small nooks and crannies around your headlights, grill inserts, rear view mirrors, interior HVAC vents, and other hard to reach areas. Simply dip the sponge tip into your ReColor bottle and apply in the desired area.

Will ReColor by Wipe New damage my clothes?
ReColor contains no dyes, however, it does harden as it dries and may damage your clothing.

Can ReColor by Wipe New be used on clear coat painted surfaces?
Application to a painted surface is not an advertised use for ReColor by Wipe New and is done so at the owner’s sole risk. Wipe New’s Protection Guarantee does not extend to the use of ReColor on painted surfaces.

How can I remove ReColor by Wipe New from a painted surface?
Although it is more easily removed if wiped from undesirable surfaces immediately, cured ReColor by Wipe New can be removed from paint using a small amount of polishing compound. We recommend that you apply the compound to a microfiber cloth then work it into the affected area in a circular motion. With a little time and effort the compound will remove ReColor from the surface, and you can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining compound residue.

How long will ReColor by Wipe New last after it’s applied to the surface?
ReColor by Wipe New is guaranteed to last for two years on most surfaces, but may require reapplication over time to surfaces that are regularly exposed to oils from the skin and/or friction such as vinyl/leather seats, benches, knobs, etc.

Can ReColor by Wipe New be removed from the surface after it has cured/dried?
You can use extremely fine high-grit sandpaper (such as 2000 or 3000 grit) to sand the surface and remove ReColor.

Can I apply ReColor by Wipe New to a fiberglass surface?
Yes. ReColor by Wipe New will restore shine to the surface, protect it from UV damage, and make it easier to clean. If there is any UV damage underneath the existing gel/clear coat, then Wipe New® will not remove it. Before applying, ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry completely, and protect the surface from moisture for 24 hours post-application.

Where can I find helpful tips for using ReColor by Wipe New?
You can contact Wipe New with any additional questions you may have. For tips and Wipe New ReColor demos, visit the Wipe New YouTube channel and Like Wipe New on their Wipe New Facebook page.  Remember to share your before and after Wipe New photos!