Ways to Brighten your Home During Winter

The long winter months bring cold and darkness, but sometimes it’s nice to keep things light. Here are a few fun and easy ways to brighten our homes to keep us from feeling like we’re hibernating all winter long!

Lighten it up:

  • Twinkle lights are not just for a Christmas Tree, they can be used in many fun and creative ways to brighten your home all year round. They look great around fireplaces or large framed mirrors. Try crisscrossing them on the ceiling for a child’s room or hang them around windowsills.
  • Candles are not just for romantic dates. Safely place candles in groups for a lovely lighting effect in nearly any space.
  • Dimmers can create varying lighting moods with just a swipe of the finger and they are also energy efficient.
  • For naturally darker rooms, you may need to just increase the light bulb wattage.
  • Use lamps of varying heights throughout your home.
    Dining room


  • Switch to lighter window treatments.
  • Hanging a large mirror opens up the space and allows for more light.
  • Avoid dark or bulky furniture.
  • Use lighter colored throw pillows, blankets, and accessories.


  • Painting a ceiling white and using lighter paint color on the walls will help brighten any room.
  • Lightening floor color (wood or carpet) will make a space look larger and bring in more light.

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