Drama-Free Christmas Tree Transportation Tips from Wipe New

(originally posted on the Wipe New Blog)

For those who celebrate the Christmas holidays, it’s a great time of the year, isn’t it?  There are parties, cookies, gift exchanges, special celebrations, and family traditions, which include going to get a freshly cut Christmas tree. You can almost smell the pine needles, right?

Let’s get real, though…  as much as we love Christmas trees, they can get messy… and who wants to get poked by some pine needles?  That’s something that can turn you into a grinch in about two seconds flat.

So without giving up and buying an artificial tree, how can you get your majestic tree from point A to point B, drama-free? Here are some tips to help you out:Getting the Christmas Tree Home

  1. Wear thick gloves. It sounds so obvious, but wearing gloves will go a long way to insure yourself against being poked.
  2. Select a tree that will either fit on top or inside your vehicle.
  3. Ask the Christmas tree person to net your tree to secure the branches.
  4. If you’re tying your tree to the top of your car, make sure that you put something down such a tarp or a sheet to minimize the scratches and tree sap.
  5. If you’re transporting your tree inside your car, make sure that you have sheets to protect the upholstery and to catch those pesky, errant needles.
  6. Make sure you have plenty of rope to make sure that you more than securely tie your tree to the roof.
  7. Once you’ve secured your tree, drive a few feet and then stop in a safe place and tighten the ropes if necessary.
  8. Take your time getting home; it’s better to be safe transporting the tree than for you, the tree, and your car to be strewn all over the road.
  9. If the tree is taking the trip home on top of your car, make sure that the trunk is pointed toward the hood of the car.