First Impressions and Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

When you first meet someone, that first impression stays with you – and the same can be said about a home. If you are selling your home, or just want to increase its value, there are some simple changes you can make that will go a very long way!

Repainting an entire house can be pricey, but you can make a big impact by brightening up the shutters, the front door, garage door, and even your mailbox. Lighting fixtures and solar lighting will also help set a mood. Adding fun items like a colorfully painted birdbath or a wheel barrel with flowers growing from it, or perhaps a cluster of potted plants, are all ways to make your home stand out in the most beautiful way.

It might seem like a lot to take on, but instead of picking up a paintbrush or buying something new, let us help by restoring your old faded colors with one coat of Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New!

We all know that weather and time can cause colors to fade but with one coat of ReColor you can watch the original color return before your very eyes. And it will also protect your vinyl, plastic, stone, and metal surfaces by actually repelling dirt and water – it even adds UV protection.

So now you can get to the business of sprucing up your home with less fuss and long lasting results. ReColor is here to help you make a great impression and no one needs to know how easy it was.

Upcycling and Repurposing

Creating a second life for our things is a great way to conserve waste, save money, and get creative. There are thousands of ways that we can re-purpose various items in fun and creative ways, and though there are far too many for us to list here, there are plenty of great resources on-line that can guide you.

In the meantime, here are few ideas we love:


Re-purpose and old ladder into a:Ladder Planter

  • Bathroom towel rack. Add a bamboo box to the top or bottom rung for storage space.
  • Hang the ladder on brackets
    off the floor and against a wall or standing up upright and leaning against a wall.
  • Flowerpot holder. Great for either inside or out, ladders are a fun way to display potted plants and flowers.
  • Light show. Wrap an old ladder with twinkle lights for a cool lighting display inside or out.
  • Lean a small ladder next to your bed for a unique bedside ‘table’. Add a small piece of wood to make a shelf, add a clip-on reading light, and maybe even a dream catcher.


Wine Bottles:

There are so many fun and easy ways to reuse wine bottles:

  • Water it down. Add a cool stopper or cork and use as a water bottle for the dinner table or while entertaining.
  • Hang it. Turn a wine bottle into a lamp with a lighting kit.
  • Write it. Create a cool vase by painting a bottle with Chalk Board Paint. Then mark it with a poem, the names of the flowers, or just a love note.
  • Light it up. Add battery or solar twinkle lights to the inside of a clean wine bottle for a pretty lighting effect 

Wine bottle lights


Wood Pallets:

concrete wall interior handmade trendy decor with modern black lamp and round rugYou can usually find wood pallets for free or dirt cheap and there are so many things to do with them:

  • Fence it in. Brace strong wooden pallets together to create a privacy space for your backyard.
  • Table it. Turning a pallet into an outdoor coffee table is as easy as adding legs! Fast, simple, and easy.
  • Sit on it. It’s also almost as easy to create matching couches. Stack two and secure together, then add a third pallet to the back for a backrest, then repeat for the size couch you are looking for. All that’s left is to sand it and paint it!
  • Plant it. Vertical gardens are easy to create inside a wooden pallet with the help of chicken wire, soil, and seedlings.


There are thousands of ideas out there so get creative and have some fun by re-purposing items throughout your home.


For your vinyl, plastic, stone, or metal surfaces, restore the original color by using Rust-Oleum Recolor by Wipe New!


Ways to Brighten your Home During Winter

The long winter months bring cold and darkness, but sometimes it’s nice to keep things light. Here are a few fun and easy ways to brighten our homes to keep us from feeling like we’re hibernating all winter long!

Lighten it up:

  • Twinkle lights are not just for a Christmas Tree, they can be used in many fun and creative ways to brighten your home all year round. They look great around fireplaces or large framed mirrors. Try crisscrossing them on the ceiling for a child’s room or hang them around windowsills.
  • Candles are not just for romantic dates. Safely place candles in groups for a lovely lighting effect in nearly any space.
  • Dimmers can create varying lighting moods with just a swipe of the finger and they are also energy efficient.
  • For naturally darker rooms, you may need to just increase the light bulb wattage.
  • Use lamps of varying heights throughout your home.
    Dining room


  • Switch to lighter window treatments.
  • Hanging a large mirror opens up the space and allows for more light.
  • Avoid dark or bulky furniture.
  • Use lighter colored throw pillows, blankets, and accessories.


  • Painting a ceiling white and using lighter paint color on the walls will help brighten any room.
  • Lightening floor color (wood or carpet) will make a space look larger and bring in more light.

Braving the Storm

No one wants to think about what would happen when a storm gets out of hand and creates serious damage, but it’s best to have a plan in place:

  • Make a family plan:
    • Have one place that everyone should gather in the home
    • Everyone should be in charge of a task
    • Everyone should know where the water and gas valves are to shut them off if needed.
    • Everyone should know where the emergency kit is kept.
  • Tasks:
    • Task those who are able to collect important items if there is time:
      • Secure family pets
      • Collect needed medications
      • Retrieve important documents and extra cash
      • Grab the emergency kit

Emergency Kit:Emergency Preparation Equipment

You can create your own Home Emergency Kit in a water resistant plastic container:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlights
  • Radio
  • Extra batteries
  • Cell phone charger
  • Work gloves
  • Bottled water
  • Canned & nonperishable foods & snacks
  • Can opener
  • Pet food
  • Candles & Matches
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper
  • Zip lock bags
  • Blankets

Put a very clear label on your kit, make sure it’s visible and easily reachable at all times.

Also, make sure to go through the kit every 6 months to replace anything that has expired, and check that the batteries are not corroded.

You can use a backpack to make a condensed version to keep in your car, especially for winter driving:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Cell phone charger
  • Work gloves
  • Bottled water
  • Nonperishable food and snacks
  • Flare
  • Toiletry kit
  • Cash
  • Towel/blanket

Paperwork: as important as the originals are, scan all imperative documents so there is a digital copy in case the originals are lost. Save on a thumb drive, cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, or email it to yourself for safe keeping.

Kids: If you have children, stay as calm as possible. Make sure they are able to follow instructions and get everyone to safety as fast as possible. It’s also wise to run a drill so the kids know what to do in a real emergency. They also practice at school, so you can even do it on the same day so they are completely clear on the Family Plan.

Pets: If you have to leave your home, make sure to get dogs on a leash (they can get spooked and flee even if it’s not their normal temperament) and collect small animals in a secure pet crate. Make sure to take enough food and water for them to survive for 3-7 days.

Bedside: If a storm or emergency hits in the middle of the night, keep a flashlight and a pair of shoes at your bedside, in case there is broken glass.

Weather Radio: Particularly if you live in an area that experiences tornadoes, make sure that you have a battery or crank-operated weather radio handy. The best ones also plug in to conserve battery life, so that they are always on to warn you in an emergency.

The best way to prepare for a storm is to talk through what you need to do, make an emergency kit, and always have gas in your car in case you need to evacuate. Above all, stay calm. You’re not the only person going through it, and there will be a lot of people there to help in every way they possibly can. Listen to your local and state authorities and heed their advice.

Reviving Memories (And Decorations)

Let’s face it, when we pull out the holiday decoration boxes and dust them off for the new season, we can’t help but reflect on memories from years past. Old decorations, handmade ornaments, holiday villages, and stockings fill us with nostalgia, and as hard as it is to see our old faithful front yard Santa looking so run down, somehow we can’t bring ourselves to toss him. But luckily, we don’t have to! While it’s important to replace our holiday string lights every few years, the same does not go for most of our other treasured decorations.Holiday Decoration

Old plastic candy canes that proudly line the walkway, and Rudolph with Santa propped up on the roof or prancing on the yard, are welcome sights. This year, make them look brand new with Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New! A simple wipe will take years off while holding on to fond memories a good while longer. As you unpack your treasures, set aside all the ones that could use a little upgrade, like the star or old decorative balls and plastic signs, and then revive them with a quick wipe down with ReColor.

If you are looking to change things up a little this year, there are loads of fun ways to decorate using everything you already have, just in a new way! Some things are traditional and should remain so, but if you are willing to mix things up a little, here are some fun ideas:

  • ReColor WreathIf you have an old wreath that’s seen better days, consider spraying it with white frosting spray paint.
  • Take a handful of pretty ornament balls and place them in a glass vase or bowl to create a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Take the garland you might normally place around the fireplace and let it line a doorway instead.
  • Add pretty ribbon to ball ornaments and hang them in a group of varying lengths.
  • Find a pretty branch, place it in a vase and hang small decorations and candy canes, or tie a festive ribbon to the branches.
  • Fill a clean and empty wine bottles or glass vase with battery or solar mini twinkle lights for a gorgeous effect.
  • Create a centerpiece by laying an old wreath flat a large plate or tray, and then place a group of candles of various heights inside of it.

Wishing you and yours a safe and festive holiday season!


ReColor Your Shutters

Shutters are amazing. They’re such a wonderful addition to any house, aren’t they?  Not only do they look great, but they also add an extra layer of protection to the house by shielding the windows from the harsh elements, as well as take a beating from the sun!

Unfortunately, like the rest of the exterior of the house, the elements take a toll on your shutters and their color starts to fade, until finally, they don’t provide that beautiful accent to your house anymore.

Why resort to refinishing, repainting, or even replacing your shutters if you don’t have to?  When used properly, Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New can restore that beautiful color to your shutters in just a matter of moments.

Make sure that you prep your shutters. Wash them with soap and water, allow them to completely dry, and then using the enclosed protective gloves, apply ReColor; try to avoid direct sunlight to reduce the possibility of streaking.

ReColor Shutters

Prepping your Home A/C for Winter in 3 Easy Steps

Winter Air Conditioner

Winter is coming, and it’s time to start preparing for the cold, snow, and ice.  This includes prepping your air conditioner for its off-season.

Here are 3 easy steps to prepare your air conditioner for winter:

    1.  Wash the unit to remove bird poop, bugs, leaves, and dirt. Also, clear the area within a couple of feet of the unit to discourage little critters from moving into a nice burrow. Allow the unit to dry completely before proceeding.
    2. ReColor it! Using Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New on the outside of the unit can make it look great year round. ReColor will also help to protect from fading from UV in the future and make clean-up easier next time.
      Wipe New ReColor Air Conditioner


  1. Instead of covering the unit, consider covering the top with a plywood board. Covering the whole unit may trap moisture in as well as out, while a board will protect it from falling leaves, snow, and ice. This is a great tip for renters too! Even if you don’t own it, for less than $10 you are making sure that it’s there when you need it next year and you don’t have to wait for the landlord to replace it if damaged.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorIt’s that time again! Autumn has returned and Pumpkins Patches and decorations are popping up everywhere.

Pulling out all the old decorations is great fun but seeing them worn and faded can tempt you to run out and buy some more. But you don’t have to! There are so many fun and easy ways to make your own new decorations and restore your old favorites.

Ghostly: Make your own ghosts with cheesecloth, paper, and string!

  • Ball up newspaper or old packing paper.
  • Wrap a piece of cheesecloth around it and fasten it with string.
  • With a permanent marker draw eyes and a mouth.
  • Cut two small holes at the top and slip through a piece of string (or you can use a needle and thick thread).
  • Hang from trees, windows, bushes, etc.

 Spiders Spiders Everywhere: Pipe cleaner spiders are fun and so easy to make:

  • Grab black or purple pipe cleaners.
  • Take four and fold them in the middle then wrap the middle section into a ball.
  • Pull out the “legs” and bend them.
  • Glue on red buttons or googly eyes.

 Pumpkin Fun: 

  1. Get a new pumpkin or dust off an old foam pumpkin that is damaged or has an old carving. Wrap it in white gauze. Add giant googly eyes, or black stones or buttons for eyes for a ghostly good time.
  2. Paint a fresh pumpkin or foam pumpkin with glow-in-the-dark paint and add eyes. Then dress it up with sunglasses, a hat, anything you have around that could be fun.
  3. Stack three real or foam pumpkins for a fun and easy “Pumpkin Man” and decorate as you wish.


 ReColor will save you money and time:

  1. If you have any old carvable foam pumpkins that have lost their sheen, use ReColor and they will shine like the first day you bought them. Add them to your front stoop, under a tree, in a window, or around the house.
  1. Old skeletons can also get an upgrade with a little wipe with ReColor. Then tack it to a tree, wall, or outside gate for ghoulish fun.
  1. A big black witch’s cauldron is the perfect place to brew up a vat of candy delight. Shine it up with ReColor for a more dramatic look.


Creative Storage Ideas

Let’s face it – we all could use a little more storage space. Here are few fun ideas to satisfy our needs.

Multipurpose Coffee Table: If you have a single surfaced coffee table, you could double your space by replacing it with one that has compartments, or one with a second shelf which you can add matching baskets to for more storage.

Adding shelves to your walls gives you a place to display pretty vases, photo frames, knick-knacks, and such without taking up more tabletop space. If you have closets with high ceilings, you can also add some shelves in there for more out of sight storage.


Wicker baskets can help with storage issues in every room and always look great! A large basket in the living room or bedroom can store extra blankets and pillows. Small ones in the bathroom can hold make-up, hair, and body products.

Shoe Organizers can hold so much more than just shoes. Hang one on the back of a door and fill it cleaning products, arts and crafts, stuffed animals, toiletries, hair products, gardening tools… there is nearly no limit!

Check out your local thrift shops and neighborhood garage sales for more prime storage items that you can easily refresh with ReColor:

  • Coat racks
  • Old galvanized pails for fun storage options both inside and outside the home.
  • Apple/fruit crates to store towels, blankets, shoes at the front door, board games, videos, music…
  • Bedside tables with drawers or cabinet can help unclutter your room.
  • Old-fashioned leather suitcases make for great storage compartments that also look great on display. A quick wipe down with ReColor will restore the leather making them look good as new. Then fill them, stack them, and display!

Shoe Storage Solutions

Got Kids?

  • Easily transform a small old utility cart into a portable Craft Cart.
  • Clear shoeboxes can be labeled with its contents while keeping everything in its place.
  • A hanging shoe rack will also hold a multitude of kid’s items.
  • Convert their old changing table into a bookshelf and toy chest. Remove the mattress and add books to the top and a few baskets on the bottom shelf to house their stuffed friends, games, and toys.

Look Under the Bed for more space.

  • Long flat storage boxes fit under most beds.
  • Rolling storage shelves are great if you need regular access.
  • If your bed sits too low, you can buy inexpensive lifts to gain more space.

Restoring the sun fading on awnings and covered porches

Do you have an awning, covered walkway, covered porch, or gazebo?  If you’ve had it for a while, chances are that it’s maybe getting some sun-fading on it. Maybe it’s just not as bright and vibrant as it used to be, or maybe it’s down to a dull grey or whitish color. You don’t need to replace it, though. ReColor to the rescue!

Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New® is the fast and easy way to restore those aging, weather-beaten items around your home. It’s convenient to do on the fly. Perfect for everything from last minute touch ups before the house party or restoring an 8-piece patio set to better than new condition. Now restore and protect items around your home the easy, effective way for less!

The below pictures are actual results from using ReColor on an awning and covered porch.



ReColor Awnings