Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorIt’s that time again! Autumn has returned and Pumpkins Patches and decorations are popping up everywhere.

Pulling out all the old decorations is great fun but seeing them worn and faded can tempt you to run out and buy some more. But you don’t have to! There are so many fun and easy ways to make your own new decorations and restore your old favorites.

Ghostly: Make your own ghosts with cheesecloth, paper, and string!

  • Ball up newspaper or old packing paper.
  • Wrap a piece of cheesecloth around it and fasten it with string.
  • With a permanent marker draw eyes and a mouth.
  • Cut two small holes at the top and slip through a piece of string (or you can use a needle and thick thread).
  • Hang from trees, windows, bushes, etc.

 Spiders Spiders Everywhere: Pipe cleaner spiders are fun and so easy to make:

  • Grab black or purple pipe cleaners.
  • Take four and fold them in the middle then wrap the middle section into a ball.
  • Pull out the “legs” and bend them.
  • Glue on red buttons or googly eyes.

 Pumpkin Fun: 

  1. Get a new pumpkin or dust off an old foam pumpkin that is damaged or has an old carving. Wrap it in white gauze. Add giant googly eyes, or black stones or buttons for eyes for a ghostly good time.
  2. Paint a fresh pumpkin or foam pumpkin with glow-in-the-dark paint and add eyes. Then dress it up with sunglasses, a hat, anything you have around that could be fun.
  3. Stack three real or foam pumpkins for a fun and easy “Pumpkin Man” and decorate as you wish.


 ReColor will save you money and time:

  1. If you have any old carvable foam pumpkins that have lost their sheen, use ReColor and they will shine like the first day you bought them. Add them to your front stoop, under a tree, in a window, or around the house.
  1. Old skeletons can also get an upgrade with a little wipe with ReColor. Then tack it to a tree, wall, or outside gate for ghoulish fun.
  1. A big black witch’s cauldron is the perfect place to brew up a vat of candy delight. Shine it up with ReColor for a more dramatic look.


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