Get Ready to Ride Again: Preparing Your Bicycle for Spring!

It’s been sitting in your garage or basement during the winter months and is calling you to take it outside again.  The warm weather is coming and your bike wants to go for a ride!  Are you ready too?  Is your bicycle ready?


Explore some tips from Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New on how to prep your bike for that first Springtime ride:

  • Check your tire pressure! Modern bicycle tires are pneumatic so tire pressure plays a huge role in how your bike is going to ride. Properly inflated tires not only give you lightweight suspension; but they also let your bike roll quickly, fend off flats, and simply ride more smoothly
  • Inspect the chain and freewheel. Measure the chain for wear, check for tight links and replace the chain if necessary
  • Creak, creak! If your bicycle is making some noises you should pay attention. A creaky crank may be loose on the spindle. To address, remove the crank bolts, lubricate the threads, and then reinstall.  If your saddle creaks, drip a few drops of oil on the rail where it connects to your saddle.  Use a light lubricant to silence squealing rear-derailleur pulley wheels.
  • Inspect tires for wear. Rotate or replace them if necessary. 
  • Visually inspect for bent components: this should include crankarms, seat post, seat rails, chainrings, stem, handlebars, brake levers, and brake calipers.
  • Inspect the frame for frame or part damage. Make sure you pay close attention to all frame joints.
  • Check all cables and housings for fraying, breaks, rust and corrosion. Replace as needed.
  • Check your brake pads. If the grooves in the brake pad is almost gone, if you hear a gritty scraping sound, or you feel stickiness whenever you brake; then it’s likely you need to replace brake pads.
  • Lubricate your chain. Remember that not all chain lubricants are the same. Choose the one that you feel best suits the riding conditions.
  • Clean her up! Completely clean the bike, including the drivetrain if needed.  Get two buckets:  one with clean water, and the other with water plus a little dish soap or degreaser. Soak your bicycle with plain water using a clean sponge. Then grab a second clean sponge, place it in the soapy water and proceed by scrubbing the frame, then the wheels and spokes, and then drivetrain if need be. Soap the brush and then scrub the chainrings, cassette, and rims. Soak sponge in the clean water and use it to get all the soap off of the bicycle. Do that 2-3 times and then go over the whole bike again with a clean sponge with little water. Dry the bicycle with clean rags and use a separate clean rag to swipe the nooks and crannies dry.

Then the really important step!  Grab some ReColor by Wipe New and give your bicycle a super-big treat!  ReColor has a proprietary nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep and will both protect and restore your bicycle for years against elements including fading, sun, oxidation, and water damage.  It’s super convenient to do and easy to use!  Your bike will love you for it!

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