Light the Way with ReColor

Winter is a time of reduced sunlight, making it more important than ever to have good lighting around the house. But during the day, you still have to look at the lanterns and light fixtures! Make sure that they are bright, shiny, and great to look at during the day with ReColor, the no mess alternative to painting.


Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New® is the first ever wipe-on clear coating and sealant designed to wipe away years from outdoor furniture, grills, shutters, fixtures and more in just a few minutes! There’s never been a better way to protect and restore! First, clean and dry the surface. Then simply remove the pre-soaked starter cloth from the package and wipe over the target areas for a shiny new look. Unlike traditional coatings, ReColor does not lay on top of the surface. Instead, it becomes one with it restoring original color while adding new properties that protect the surface from UV and liquids to keep it looking new for years! That’s right! Our proprietary nano-polymer formula penetrates deep to protect and restore for years against elements including oxidation, fading, sun and water damage and more!

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