Swing Away this Spring!


Who doesn’t love a porch swing?  It’s a warm day, you go out to your porch, and the stress seems to melt away as you swing back and forth.  Even the most simple porch swing can add a peaceful atmosphere to your porch or backyard.

Buying the porch swing that works best for you does involve a review of the types of materials used to create today’s porch swings.   The most popular choice remains wooden porch swings.  Wooden porch swings can be found in ash, cedar, teak and cypress.  Many are treated with a waterproof sealant which protects them from damage caused by water.  Wooden swings, however, can be very heavy, especially as you consider the type of wood. You do want to make sure your porch is sturdy enough to hold a wooden swing before you decide to buy one.

Another great choice is an iron porch swing.  With their elegant scrollwork and sleek lines, these types of swings give you a whimsical and vintage vibe.  Wrought iron swings are often sturdy enough to withstand wind and snow and you can add another level of protection by treating your iron porch swing with ReColor by Wipe New.

Wicker porch swings are another popular choice.  They just look great when you see them!  The durability of wicker swings depends on the materials used to make the wicker and, generally speaking, they are better suited for covered areas.  Your classic white wicker swing tends to work best in warmer and dryer climate.  It will stretch and become misshapen if it gets too wet.

Enjoy the spring weather and….swing away!!