25 Mar

Swing Away this Spring!


Who doesn’t love a porch swing?  It’s a warm day, you go out to your porch, and the stress seems to melt away as you swing back and forth.  Even the most simple porch swing can add a peaceful atmosphere to your porch or backyard.

Buying the porch swing that works best for you does involve a review of the types of materials used to create today’s porch swings.   The most popular choice remains wooden porch swings.  Wooden porch swings can be found in ash, cedar, teak and cypress.  Many are treated with a waterproof sealant which protects them from damage caused by water.  Wooden swings, however, can be very heavy, especially as you consider the type of wood. You do want to make sure your porch is sturdy enough to hold a wooden swing before you decide to buy one.

Another great choice is an iron porch swing.  With their elegant scrollwork and sleek lines, these types of swings give you a whimsical and vintage vibe.  Wrought iron swings are often sturdy enough to withstand wind and snow and you can add another level of protection by treating your iron porch swing with ReColor by Wipe New.

Wicker porch swings are another popular choice.  They just look great when you see them!  The durability of wicker swings depends on the materials used to make the wicker and, generally speaking, they are better suited for covered areas.  Your classic white wicker swing tends to work best in warmer and dryer climate.  It will stretch and become misshapen if it gets too wet.

Enjoy the spring weather and….swing away!!


18 Mar

Spring Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks: Part 2

It’s getting warmer and warmer as we move towards Spring and it’s time to consider part 2 in our series that explores some ways to maintain your home come Springtime!

  • Clean those Windows! We’re again starting with an item that sounds obvious and, again, you may be surprised how many people don’t actually clean the outside of their windows.  We promise you that after you clean them and the spring sun starts to shine in, you’ll realize how dirty they were!  Use this intimate time with your windows to also clean windows sill and window tracks.  You should also check for gaps between your windows and the caulk. If it’s wider than a nickel you should reapply exterior caulk.  Keeping the hot air out during the summer months is as important as keeping the cold air from coming in during the winter months.
  • wipe-new-recolor-spring-home-maintenance-ACCheck and Clean your AC!  It’s time to give your AC some love again.  You know he’s your best friend during those hot, summer days!  Change the filter, check hose connections for leaks, and make certain drain pans are draining freely.  Also check the coils!  When AC coils are dirty and dusty, the system has to run harder and longer to have the same cooling effect.  For an outside AC unit, disassemble the casing (making sure the power is off!), and then clean using a stiff brush and spray bottle and use some canned air. If you have the money, you may also want to consider having your whole HVAC system checked by a professional.  Those routine maintenance costs often add up to less money than major fixes down the road.  Finally, don’t forget to give that outside AC unit some special attention by treating it with ReColor by Wipe New.  ReColor is better than trying to paint it, it brings back the original shine, and it helps to protect the AC unit from the weather.
  • Clean the Dryer Vent! Dryers are noticeably less efficient with a lint-filled vent. We’re not taking about your lint trap (which should be done before every load of laundry), but the lint that can be found inside the vent host.  To clean the vent, just remove the vent hose from the back of the dryer and vacuum it well.  It wouldn’t hurt to remove the vent cover on the outside of your home, and vacuum it from that side as well.
  • Check Washing Machine Hoses! Washing machine hoses can crack over time and often get unnoticed. This could result it leaks that go on for weeks or even months.  In return, this can create not only water damage, but problems with mold.  Make sure your hoses are still flexible and that there are no signs of cracking. If you’re in doubt, do!  Replacing them is usually an easy fix!
  • Speaking of Hoses! Be sure to check outside hose faucets to see if there is any freeze damage.  Simply turn the water on and place a thumb over the opening. If you can’t stop the flow of water you’re probably good to go.  If you can it’s possible that pipe inside the home is damaged and needs replacing.

Happy Spring Cleaning!   Be sure to explore Part 1 of this Spring Home Maintenance Series

13 Mar

Spring Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks: Part 1

Spring is almost here and now is a great time to start planning some spring cleaning and maintenance.  Here are some tips and tricks from ReColor by Wipe New as you look towards those warmer days!

  • Clean the Gutters! This is an obvious item to begin with, but many people don’t necessary do it every Spring, or know why it’s important.  When water doesn’t properly pass through your gutters it runs down near the foundation of your home. Over time this can cause weakening of your foundation and cost you big bucks!  Leaking or clogged gutters can also lead towards water damage in your basement!
  • Check your Roof! If you live in an area that experienced a lot of winter weather you should check your roof for hail, ice, and water damage.  Curling, peeling and even disintegration of the shingles may have also occurred.  This may be a job you can do yourself or, depending on what you find, you may need to seek some professional help.  But don’t overlook this item come Spring.  You also don’t necessary need a ladder.  Many people start by using binoculars and a keen eye to spot possible problems.
  • Check your Concrete!  Check all of your concrete slabs for cracks or movement. Fill cracks with a concrete crack filler or silicone caulk.   If you find cracks in a concrete foundation, routine caulking will likely not do the job. You’ll want to hire a foundation specialist.  Remember that, generally speaking, all other exterior concrete slabs should drain away from the home’s foundation.
  • Clean the Carpets! Many households regularly vacuum their carpets (even during winter months), but after trekking in that wet and nasty snow and ice, Spring is the time for some deep cleaning.  The goal here is to eliminate deep-down dust, dirt, and food particle buildup. You can rent a carpet cleaner, buy one, or hire a professional carpet cleaner.
  • Check your Deck and Fences!  Do a good sweep to remove any debris that might have accumulated between boards on your deck or around you fence.  Use a screwdriver to probe your wooden decks or fences.  If the wood is soft and spongy, and it doesn’t splinter when you poke it with a screwdriver, you may have an issue with decay.  If your vinyl fences look beaten up, get out your ReColor by Wipe New!  ReColor works great on vinyl fences and can make them look new again!  Check out this fence treated with Recolor!


11 Feb

DIY Kitchen Shadow Box

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Do you have a desk or dresser that you’re about to junk?  You may want to hang onto a drawer or two for this nifty DIY shadow box idea.

Simply paint one of the drawers to match the color scheme of your kitchen and then treat it with ReColor by Wipe New to help preserve and protect your new shadow box.  Place decorative wallpaper, shelf liner paper, or scrapbooking paper inside the drawer.  Hang the drawer on the wall (knob facing up looks the best) and place a favorite item or two inside your new shadow box.

06 Feb

Bring Back your Game with Rustoleum ReColor by Wipe New


Though Football season is just about over, it’s important to make sure that your equipment looks its best. You’re not going to intimidate that Peewee football player with a dull helmet, now are you?

Rustoleum ReColor by Wipe New restores the look, finish, and shine to items as well as protecting them from dirt and UV damage in the future.

Use ReColor to brighten up a faded helmet – you’ll blind them with just your presence on the field!

01 Feb

Wipe New ReColor to the Rescue!

For some areas of the country (we’re looking at you, South), it’s warm enough year-round to do outdoor DIY projects

Live in a sunny place? Then you know how quickly things become sun-faded when left outdoors. Using Rustoleum ReColor by Wipe New is a great way to restore the original luster and color to your belongings.

Take this door for example. It was faded so badly that it looked grey, but one swipe of Wipe New ReColor and it was back to black.


Consider these identical patio chairs – one treated with Rustoleum ReColor by Wipe New, the other not. Look at the difference! (Photo submitted by Redjeed1)


Don’t cover your grill? You know what happens next!


As you can tell, we love our ReColor projects, we’re always amazed at the results people are getting. Share yours with us today using #ReColor on social media – we’d love to share it with our fans!

22 Jan

ReColor Suggests Ways to Brighten your Home during the Winter Months

Are these dark, dreary, cold Winter days giving you the blues?  Now that you’re spending more time indoors, do you wish you could bring in more light, more color, and more cheer INTO your house?

No problem!  ReColor by Wipe New is here to help with these simple changes that can make a big difference!

  1. Use light-colored slipcovers, tablecloths, bedding, and curtains

Invest some money in purchasing tablecloths, curtains, bedding, and sofa/sectional slipcovers that are white, ivory, or a light color.   You’ll be amazed how making these bigger home items a lighter color can make a whole room feel lighter and brighter. Make sure that they are easy to wash to keep them nice and bright over time.

Add a splash of color



  1. Bring in some plants

Plants are a great way to bring “new life” into your home.  Houseplants are known to help improve your mood and, of course, they can help to clean the air in your home. Depending on what plants you use, you can even add some pops of color into your environment.  When it gets closer to spring consider adding vegetable and herb gardens into your house.  You can also occasionally buy some fresh flowers from the market and bring them home for some color!

  1. Remove the window screens

Windows screens are typically not needed during the winter months as most people don’t usually open their windows when it’s so cold outside.  Removing the screens can actually help to bring in more natural light.

  1. Add some color

Highlight your house with pops of color.  Use some vibrant throw pillows.  Add a colorful end table or lamp into a room.  Also add some color on the exterior of your house.  For example, you can place some brightly colored pots on your porch or some brightly colored lawn ornaments in your flower/landscape beds.  Concerned about the winter elements on these items?  No worries!  Treat these items with Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New before placing them outside and rest assure knowing that they’re protected from the wet and cold.

  1. Play with light

Different types of lights can produce different moods for different people.  Some people prefer warm white and others prefer cool white.  Some bulbs work well for one room, while others work well for another.  Switch them up and see what you like best.  Also don’t forget to utilize natural light sources (i.e. candles and fireplaces).  While they don’t make your room brighter, they are warm, peaceful and relaxing after a long day.

01 Jan

Start off the New Year with Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New


Welcome to 2016!  It’s a new year and Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New wants you to start it off right!

Are you sick of looking at that weather-beaten mailbox?  Are you shutters looking old and dingy?  Has your grill seen better days?

No problem!  Make things new this new year with ReColor!  Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New is the first ever wipe-on clear coating and sealant designed to wipe away years from outdoor furniture, grills, shutters, fixtures and much more…..and in just a few minutes!

25 Oct

ReColor and DIY Crafts: Fall Picture Frame and Outdoor Lantern Display

Autumn is here!  It’s time for crisp apples, bright orange pumpkins, mums of every color, and falling leaves.  Celebrate this fall by getting crafty with one (or both) of these DIY Fall projects from Midwest Living.

Fall Picture Frame

Filling an empty Fall-colored picture frame with some brightly colored fall leaves is a great way to decorate your fireplace mantel.

Hang leaves on S-hooks or pin to a ribbon. Put nails in both sides of the frame and suspend the ribbon loosely across the center, tying it to the nails. Attach your favorite fall leaves to the ribbon using an adhesive.  Add to the display by spreading a branch full of brightly colored berries across the length of the mantel.

Source:  Midwest Living


Autumn Lantern Glow

Sometimes simplicity is the best choice.  If you’re looking for a way to show some warmth this autumn simply place a lantern on your entryway and surround it with an arrangement of pumpkins.  Be sure to use a battery-powered candle if the lantern will be unattended.

Source:  Midwest Living

If your picture frame and/or lantern are looking a bit worn don’t fret.  Use Wipe New ReColor to restore that shine on your picture frame and to protect your lantern from the elements.   Learn more about Wipe New ReColor.