Outdoor Winter Holiday Decorations and ReColor by Wipe New

Wintertime may mean longer and darker days, but is also means scenes of bright and colorful lights!  Winter is a season filled with holidays that shine!

Celebrate the holidays this year by considering these outdoor holiday decorations ideas:

  1. Porch Corner Display: Make the most of sheltered porch corners with an impressive and simple display of candles and greenery. Grab a small table and make a display with some holiday fabrics, battery operated candles, lanterns, and pinecones.   Use a bit of ReColor on the metal lanterns to help make them shine and to help protect them from the weather!
  1. Candy Cane Holder: This is a classic look and looks great by your front door.  Fill a white planter with store-bought plastic candy canes.  Wrap a red, weather-treated ribbon around the planter to tie things together.  Are you plastic candy canes looking dingy?  No problem.  A simple wipe of ReColor can help to bring them back to life!


  1. Matching Garland and Door Display: Dress up your entryway with a festive garland that you customize with ornaments that coordinate with your door color. Position the garland outside the door frame and secure at the top and sides with self-adhesive hooks or brick clips.  Wrap some lights around the garland to brighten up the nights.  Give your ornaments a new shine with some ReColor and watch them glisten and sparkle in the light!


  1. Porch Bench Display: Give your porch bench some holiday spirit with an arrangement of greenery, pinecones, and ornaments. Spray the greenery and pinecones with a light dusting of fake snow, shine up your ornaments with ReColor, add some lights and you’ve created a wonderful – and welcoming – holiday display.

We also want to encourage you to keep things safe during the holidays by following these guidelines when using lights outside:

  • Before using lights outdoors, check labels to be sure they have been certified for outdoor use.
  • Check each set of lights, new or old, for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections. Throw out damaged sets. Always replace burned-out bulbs promptly with the same wattage bulbs.
  • Only use outside lights that have been tested for safety by a recognized testing laboratory, such as UL or ETL. This indicates conformance with safety standards. Use only lights that have plugs containing fuses.
  • If using an outdoor extension cord, make sure it is rated for the intended use.
  • Fasten outdoor lights securely to trees, house walls, or other firm supports to protect the lights from wind damage. Use only insulated staples (not nails or tacks) to hold strings in place. Or, run strings of lights through hooks (available at hardware stores).
  • Stay away from power or feeder lines leading from utility poles into older homes.